November 2020

We get some fabulous reviews, and we love receiving them. Here is one left for us today: 

Took my 9 week old daughter to David today for some Cranio Sacral Therapy to help with a range of feeding issues we’ve been having. David came very highly recommended (by both the infant feeding team at Musgrove and other parents I’d spoken to) and we were not disappointed! He very quickly identified a range of issues that were causing my daughter’s problems - her palette shape, some issues with her gut and some problems with her neck and spine caused by her fast birth. David managed to do something to alleviate everything he identified there and then (and talked me through everything that was going on). I was amazed at just how calm and happy my little girl was throughout the whole procedure, she just laid there smiling at him. We’ve noticed positive change after only one feed and she’s been calm and asleep ever since! Normally she barely naps, thrashes about in pain and feeds in little amounts every 2 hours! We have a follow up appointment next week and I already can’t wait to see the end result! Thank you so much David for all your help!


Taunton Family Osteopathic Practice finally came into the 21st Century with a web site published late in April 2010.


This new site was published in January 2019. We will try to keep it more up to date than the previous one!


If you have any suggestions for information you would like to see on our site, or if you have found any mistakes or faults on the site,  please email us at Email:

2014 - Reduced fees for Babies and Children

It has always been our policy to treat anyone who needs help, even if they could not afford to pay. Parents often struggle financially so to try to help, we have decided to reduce the fee for treating ALL children under the age of 18. If it is still more than you can honestly afford to pay, please get in contact and we will do whatever I can to help.

2013 - Credit and Debit Card facilities installed

For your convenience, and to help you spread the cost of your treatment, you can now pay for your treatment using most Credit, as well as Debit cards. 


We use the excellent "Sum Up" card processing facility. If you are interested in using it for your business please follow this link for a discounted rate: SumUp



2012 - Facebook page launched