Happy Valentines Day!

Posted on 14th February, 2019

Valentine's day is traditionally associated with expressing our love for someone else, but maybe we should also spend more time directing some of that love back towards ourselves?


Most of us are so busy running around doing things for other people, familly, spouse, boss, colleagues, etc, that we end up ignoring our own needs. 


When those needs get too great, and are ignored for too long, our body gives us symptoms to make us take notice. These may take the form of headaches, muscle or joint pains, colds and 'flu', tiredness, or a host of other symptoms, all of which have the same purpose - to make us slow down, "re-charge our batteries" and maybe seek help.


CranioSacral Therapy is one of the best "re-charge and re-boot" therapies available. It releases and balances the tensions in the superficial and deep fascia of our body and nervous system, improves the blood flow to our organs and brain, and encourages the elimination of built-up waste products and toxins from our tissues. Patients frequently report that it is the most relaxing treatment they have ever had, and it is suitable for all ages, from colicky babies, to stressed out teenagers, and their exhausted parents! 


Why not treat yourself, or a loved one, to a treatment?


You're worth it!

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